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  • Texas Law Shield - (855-246-1305)
  • Sign up using the code "G. Nycum" and you will LOCK in your benefits for the initial price and will not have any price increase in the future & I will get "brownie points" for your referral!
  • There is NO CAP on Costs for Legal Representation! All Others have a LIMIT!
  • This Covers BOTH Criminal Prosecution and Civil Prosecution!
  • Many others either "reimburse you" if you are found "not guilty" and drop you w/o paying ANYTHING if you are judged guilty!
  • Also Many other programs simply cover your legal fees UP to THE GRAND JURY, leaving you exposed for the average defense of $100,000 for both the criminal and civil trials each!
  • (A potential $200,000 bill for Legal Representation!)
  • This policy has the option to add "Expert Witness" for pennies & "Bail Bonds" up to $50,000.
  • Concealed Carry Insurance-  I've shopped them all and this is BY FAR the absolute most inclusive, flexible and comprehensive coverage available on the market today!
  • This policy Exclusively includes self defense with a weapon of any kind or W/O a weapon.
  • The coverage starts immediately upon processing, as a "regular citizen gun owner" but expands comprehensively to include all the priviledges of License to Carry once you receive your license and notify them, without a price increase!
  • Many Other agencies offer insurance that covers only up to the Grand Jury and then say "Good Luck!" paying for your defense after that!
  • Do yourself a favor and get "covereage" ASAP!
  • If you're going to possibly EVER use a gun or have ANY self defense situation in your lifetime, also carry Legal Protection!
  • There is an "Initial sign-up fee" of $19.95 for your account and then only the cost of services you choose to add.
  • There is NO Contract to continue and you may drop any or all features at any time you wish! 
  • Sign up using the code "G.Nycum" You will lock in the low price of $10.95 a month, from now on and I will receive 'brownie points" for your referral!