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Class Info

Next Upcoming Range Qualifying  Session:

June 26th, Saturday, from 9:00 AM  to 1:00 PM. 

We will meet at a local restaruant and go over safety guidelines, shooting details and precautions. We will then drive directly to an indoor shooting facility, so we can shoot rain or shine, and complete our Range Qualifying portion of the course!

With Online Assignment of the Classroom portion:

1.)You'll go to the Website that I will send you by Text or email.

2.)Pay the $49 for online access and take the course. You'll then send me a copy of your completed LTC 101 for the Online Classroom portion by scanning it or taking a picture with your phone's camera and send the copy to me.

You can start Class on "your schedule" and then we schedule your "Range Qualification Time"

Register by calling Me for the LTC Class Website Link II will send to you!

Gun Handling Instruction and Range Qualification Class is $59 / person - Paid on the day of class.

Gary Nycum

361-673-4800 Cell

Next Open Class  -  

  •  Range Qualifying Class cost is $59 with pre-registration / per person.
  • We will be accepting "walk-ins" - Non-pre-registered Students will be charged $99/ per student at the door, on a limited basis as available!
  • We do encourage early registration in advance, so we can prepare our class materials accordingly.
  • If you register for a class but are unable to come to that class for any reason -Just let us know and we'll "roll your registration over" to the next class!

  • NOTE:
  •                   Class Scheduled below as follows:

  • I will arrange your shooting time when you call to schedule your Online class!

On Range Qualifying Day You will be responsible for: 

  • Bringing your own handgun OR you may borrow one from a friend to use.

  • You can rent a pistol from Nichols Indoor Range for approx. $30 plus ammunition cost, from them, at a reasonable cost.(Nichols is experiencing an outage of ammunition at this time)

  • Find your AMMO ASAP!

  • Safety (shooting) glasses (or regular prescription glasses)- Required!

  • You can rent eye protection and hearing protection for $2 each at the range!

  • Wearing a "Baseball type cap" is a good idea to prevent "Hot Brass" from hitting your face while shooting.

  • Hearing Protection & Eye Protection are Required on Range!  You Must have either - Over the ear "Shooting" Muffs (We Highly recommend this) or Ear Plugs -We will have ear plugs available for free- Both are available at Nichols Gun Range, on the spot for purchase or rental, or at Academy Sports and Outdoors, at a reasonable cost for purchase.

Pricing -  Options

CHL Shooting Range Qualification

  • New Texas LTC Range Qualifying Class: $59 due at the time of class!
  • To reserve a slot, you will need to pay $49 Online, to the Online Course Provider.
  • You will complete the Online Portion of the LTC Class and send me a copy of the LTC 101 issued by the Online Provider from the "On-line Link" which I have sent to you after you contact me by phone or text.
  • Cash Only, accepted on the day of Range Qualifying Class.
  • Day of Class Price - $99, if room is available! (Sometimes it is and sometimes it's not!)
  • These State Fee's for New CHL are PAID TO THE STATE OF TEXAS, by you, seperately from this class session, at the time of your online application to the DPS.
    • Under age 60: $40.00
    • Age 60 or older: $40.00
    • Current military or honorably discharged within the past 365 days: $0
    • Veteran with Honorable Discharge over 365 days: $25/ Renewal same fee.
    • Standard State CHL License Renewal Fees: $40.00 fee.

Learn in style--and safety!

  • I will assign you an Online Course to Complete before your Range Qualification day. There is a seperate fee on $49 due at the time of the Online Class sign-up that you will pay online, this is seperate from the cost of my final "Shooter Prep class and Range Qualification" (This takes the place of the previously required 6-8 hour course)
  • In our "Pre-Shoot" 1.5 - 2 hour prep class, We use learning techniques to really make the material stick, and we shift gears often to keep things from getting tedious. We use "Super Learning Techniques" with a goal to have you remember greater than 95% of the material after 3 days, not the usual 3-5% from normal classes!
  • We are so confident in our approach that we guarantee you'll pass our class or we'll put you back through it again on our nickle!

What to expect - Below - A Picture of a Perfect Score!

Range Qualification Target

The target to the left is a perfect score of 250 points. Every shot inside the "8" Ring scores 5 points.

You only need 175 points to pass & you'll have 3 opportunities to qualify if you need them!

You''ll shoot 20 shots from 3 yards, another 20 shots from 7 yards, and 10 shots from 15 yards; 50 rounds total fired at the target.

In order to complete the class in a timely manner, we must be very efficient with our schedule. During the morning briefing, everyone can buy whatever they prefer to eat while we will cover all of the critical information needed to complete your Range Day and your application process.

This allows us to have class, eat breakfast and finish by approximately 1:00 p.m.

Lunch is on your own after Range Qualifying.

You will be responsible for bringing your own handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition, safety glasses (or regular prescription glasses), and ear protection.

(Eye and ear protection can be rented for $2 each at the range on Qualifying day.)

LTC Renewal

No renewal classes are required by the DPS at this time!

What gun should I use for the range qualification?

Getting Ready to Shoot

If you qualify with a revolver, or a semi-automatic then you'll be qualified to carry either a revolver or a semi-auto.

All pistols must be at least .22 caliber or greater!

Make absolutely sure all weapons are unloaded before you leave your home.

I suggest you put the unloaded weapon in a locked container, such as a small toolbox, and place it in the trunk of your car with the ammunition stored separately. I will need to know what caliber of handgun you will be using by the day of the class. You do not have to own the gun you will qualify with! You may rent one from Nichols Indoor Range for approx. $30 Plus the cost of the ammunition while at Nichols Indoor Range.

The Range has had difficulty keeping Ammunition available! Find your Ammunition NOW and be prepared to shoot 50 nrounds for your range test!