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The Benefits of Getting
Your Texas CHL/ LTC with Us

This is a totally inclusive, no holds barred, nothing left to the imagination, complete course that includes everything that needs to be completed for you CHL Application! (The Exception is that the fingerprints, are now Mandated by DPS to be done through their Identigo Contractors for $10)

You'll need to get your fingerprints made by Identigo Contractors, for the DPS, to complete the CHL Application Process- You'll sign up for fingerprints AFTER you pay the state their applicationa fee with your online application.

You will send the paperwork provided to you, at our class, to the DPS via computer - We show you how after class!

When you complete my class, send in the paperwork to the DPS during application online and get your prints completed you'll be approximately 4-6 weeks away from receiving your

"License to Carry" legally in the state of Texas and approximately 30 other states!

Here are a few more of the benefits of getting your CHL from us!

We Teach Proven Techniques

Bang! You've been assaulted!

Now what are you going to do?

Do you know how to avoid becoming the victim of a crime?

Do you know how to defend yourself when it comes to saving your life or someone else's?

CHL Shooting Range Qualification

Would you like to learn a surefire technique that, when used in a desperate situation, will always let you see and hit your target while making you virtually invisible and untouchable to your opponent? This one item alone could very well save your life or the life of someone you love dearly!

I have come across several hair-raising stories that brought me into the business, and I don't want anyone else to go through the same things!

In this class, I will do my "dead level best" to insure that you'll know what, if and how to handle a situation if it occurs and above all, learn to "SEE TROUBLE BEFORE IT SEE'S YOU or your loved ones!

We will go through the provided curriculum together, plus I'll share specific words you must use in order to avoid giving up your freedom or your LIFE if you ever find yourself in a bad situation.

Less Waiting

Your packet from the state is ready and waiting for you in class. You don't have to send off to the the DPS and wait for 1-2 months for your individual packet to arrive.

Another Satisfied Customer

Want an even bigger time saver?

We issue your Certificate of Training form "CHL-100" at the time of your range qualification! Formerly known as your TR-100 Certificate of Training Form, this is the form that activates your DPS application packet.

We fill out the form after class time on Saturday and then get it back to you the next morning at shooting qualification, so you can send it off to the DPS right away!

(The usual procedure is for you to wait weeks or months for the instructor to complete the copies of the form, fill them out, and mail them to you. Only then can you begin the application process by mailing your packet to the DPS. We think that's insane! We get things done ahead of time so you don't have to wait!

We also take care of all the miscellaneous odds and ends-Comprehensive review of all Paperwork for you, CHL Passport photos, document notarization-on the spot, so you don't have to track down these services later!

Having trouble with paperwork afterwards? Just Call us and we'll Coach you through the Process!

More Value

 Range fees are included in the course fee.


I teach from an easy-to-read book is endorsed by the DPS and explains the "legalese booklet" published by the state of Texas, which is very difficult to understand and hard to follow. A very difficult to understand book, issued by the State of Texas, is the only one usually furnished in the "normal class" offered to the public by most instructors!

I believe YOU'RE WORTH IT and I'm committed to giving you all the tools you'll need to get started right!


We Go the Extra Mile

CHL Shooting Range Qualification

I stay with you, after class, as needed to help you fill out the paperwork required by the state and makes sure you get it right before you send in your packet to the state. We have all of the special pens and clips and tape you'll need to finish the application before you leave class.

If you have anything wrong or rejected by the State, with your packet, we will redo it for you ASAP at no charge. (Take it from us, the odds of our competition saying "No Problem - We'll get to it ASAP" and "no charge" in the same sentence are slim to none.)

We Care About Quality

We simply do not cut corners, not even in the little things, and we believe that the results speak for themselves!

Registration is only $59 / Person for the Range Qualifying course! That's quite a VALUE compared to the normal CHL Course and Instructor led discussions from the Association's Latest Book on the Rules, indoor Range and "Instant issue" of your CHL 101 Com[letion Certification at the completion of Class! 

 CHL Instructors are not permitted to provide fingerprinting services which MUST be completed through Identigo electronically- scheduled, paid for and arranged for by you at the time of your online application!

No need to get your passport pictures taken, the DPS wil use your TDL Picture for your initial application!

By the Book, and Then Some

Scoring the Qualification Target

Last and most importantly, The State of Texas requires that we teach a 1 hour Range Safety course but we take 1-2 hours or whatever is needed, and not one single minute less!

 We go strictly by the law and beyond the required basics to ensure that you understand what your responsibilities are under the current law.

If we charged face value for all of the services and materials that are included with our course, we would have to charge quite a bit more per person for everything we include! Instead, we use our volume purchasing of course materials to get you the best possible value.

This is a turn-key system! You don't have to figure anything out on your own!

We guide you safely through all of the steps necessary to get your license application completed in as short a time as humanly possible!

May God bless you and yours! I pray you get the training you deserve, no matter where you take this course or who you take it from!

In His service,
Gary Nycum

625 Bermuda Pl.,Corpus Christi, Tx. 78411

DPS Certified, Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor/ NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

361-673-4800 Cell