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Protect Yourself and Your Family with
a Texas Concealed Handgun License / Now known as "License to Carry" (LTC)

Next available Range Qualifying classroom is March  27th, 2021 @9:00 AM-10:30 AM

Range Qualifying time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Everything You Need in a Fun, Practical Program

CHL Shooting Range QualificationTired of the usual boring drivel?

Do you enjoy having a difficult-to-understand "legalese" book read to you, word for boring word?

Do the opposite and join us in Corpus Christi for an incredible learning experience! When you've completed our Texas LTC Class, you will understand your rights and responsibilities under the law and be confident that you have begun preparing yourself for this brave new world in which we live!

We Use an interactive teaching approach to make the material vibrant and exciting. If you're looking for a Texas LTC  in the Coastal Bend, you've come to the right place!

Register today by calling me, Gary Nycum, @ 361-673-4800!

Our Classes Includes:

  • Concealed Handgun License
  • Shooting range qualification! 
  • Instructor is Certified & Insured by Lloyds of London for Liability.
  • Comprehensive review of paperwork! We leave NOTHING to chance!

Note: Fingerprinting is now Mandated by DPS to be done by Identigo Contractors and arranged by you when you fill out the DPS Application online!

We will explain the process at CLASS!


Why Get a Texas Concealed Handgun License?

Your mind is the weapon -- the gun is only a tool!

A gun is not a good luck charm!

Failing to know Texas law can create more trouble than you could ever imagine in the mere presence of a gun. Getting your Texas CHL through an approved instructor will equip you with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect yourself while understanding the boundaries of the law.

LTC Instructor Gary Nycum in the News

This news story aired locally in the Coastal Bend and features CHL instructor Gary Nycum and his brother Philip Nycum. We believe Philip was the first deaf person in the state of Texas to earn a concealed handgun license. We've requested confirmation information from the DPS.


We recently trained the Governor's Office of Texas with our CPR/AED Training Seminar and have already been invited back! Governor Rick Perry's 25 First Responders in Austin at the Texas Capitol learned life-saving techniques through our training program. Their comments:

We've NEVER had such an Interesting and Exciting Presentation! We really feel like we KNOW OUR STUFF NOW!

The Office of the Governor of Texas -

Comments about our Texas Concealed Handgun License seminar in Corpus Christi:


I Just wanted to thank you and the rest of your staff for an excellent CHL class! It had very informative presentations that answered all my questions!

I have been a probation officer for nearly 22 years and realize the importance of being able to defend yourself.

Despite suffering a stroke and surviving leukemia in 2009, through the grace of God, my desire to be able to adequately protect myself and family has fortunately been accomplished with your knowledgable guidance and assistance.

Please extend my thanks to everyone in your organization and I highly recommend your CHL class to all those that want to learn the right way to carry a gun.

Rick George

Another satisfied customer:


That was an awesome class! I thought I would be learning about gun safety and I did learn some good things on that subject but, I did not expect to learn so much about communication, verbal judo, parent/adult/child roles, how to listen, AND what to do in emergency situations! You did an outstanding job! Thank you very much! I am recommending your class to everyone!

Stephen Vickers
Nurse, Aircraft Instrumentation Technician,
and Ham Radio Licensee
Corpus Christi, TX

What about that cheaper/faster/easier class that's advertised?

Let the Buyer Beware! If you see anything short of a ten-hour class offered for a first-time Texas LTC, don't take the bait! You are looking at an illegal class Under Texas law!

HERE'S THE REAL DEAL! There are now some "instructors" from other states, particularly Utah, who are taking advantage of a loop hole that exists in Texas Law just to make a fast buck. They are literally here today and gone tomorrow!

The loop hole is this: Governor Perry has issued a Reciprocity Proclamation which states that Texas will recognize the CHL permits of residents from many other states while they are visiting Texas. Also, it is not illegal for out-of-state instructors to teach another state's handgun course in Texas. However, the out-of-state license may or may not be recognized in Texas depending on about twenty variables of which these out-of-state instructors are not aware!

The state of Texas and Utah are moving in the current legislative sessions, this year, to close these loop holes permanently. Once the loop hole is closed, these licenses will not be recognized for concealed carry in the state of Texas.


The senate of the state of Utah has just passed a new law that will revoke all out-of-state issued licenses from Utah unless the licensee acquires a CHL license from their respective state! This applies to Texas residents with an out-of-state permit!

To be sure that your out-of-state Concealed Handgun License is good in Texas you must purchase a primary residence in that other state and obtain that state's drivers license! Then you will be covered by the Recriprocity Proclimation issued by Governor Perry of Texas.

We make it easy

With a Texas Concealed Handgun License you can obtain legal insurance for only $10.95 a month, for Legal Representation by a Texas based Law Firm in Civil Court AND Criminal Court! We'll show you where to get it! (Without this coverage, your defense costs could easily exceed $100,000 for each case!)

Many Texas CHL classes cover the minimum legal requirements, then leave you on your own to take care of the paperwork, license photo and document notarization. Save yourself the time and the hassle! Come to the most comprehensive and convenient CHL class in the Coastal Bend! 

We are proud to be the most complete, comprehensive, multimedia-based trainers of Texas CHL classes anywhere in South Texas. Join us and we believe your learning experience will be easy, effortless and automatic after attending our seminar!